Jenny came to see us about a disc bulge, and later diverticulitis

  • Back pain, Vertigo and Arthritis: I refer to Gary as my “magician” – he successfully treated me for back pain, followed by treatment for vertigo. But, best of all, he has eliminated the pain associated with ARTHRITIS at the base of my thumb–Julie Warbey

  • Fibro-myalgia: I am back to being my normal bubbly self again with the help of Gary’s treatments–Emma Calliau

  • Shoulder pain: I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Acupuncture with Gary at the Bournemouth Clinic.–Nick Allin

  • Arthritis: What happened was nothing short of the proverbial miracle. Within two months the pain had so disappeared that I no longer needed any surgery.–Rob Whittingham

  • Insomnia and headaches: Since meeting Gary the quality of my life has changed completely for the better.  I am delighted to have met Gary and have no hesitation in recommending his services.–Inga Skiotiene

  • IVF Protocol: I am sure that seeing Gary, before and during the IVF was a key factor in the treatment being successful first time. –G Tanner, Southbourne

  • Anxiety: I was rather astonished at how much better I felt almost immediately. Additionally, Gary is a very affable and enthusiastic practitioner, so it was always a comfortable, friendly and informative.–Larry Navon

  • Menopause, headaches and anxiety: I have already recommended several friends, whom Gary has successfully treated and I really cant speak highly enough of Bournemouth Clinic for Osteopathy and Acupuncture.–Julie Forsyth

  • Headaches and rheumatoid arthritis: I have known Gary for about 9 months and can honestly say that he has changed my life. My Wife and I can say that our lives are immeasurably better for having met Gary and his brother and we are eternally grateful.–John Horton

  • Menopause/Stopping periods: I still have no idea how it works, but it does. I would recommend a visit to Gary, he really has improved the quality of my life...what more can I say.–Karen from poole

  • Fibro Myalgia: I strongly believe had it not been for my treatment i would still be that depressed individual who could not see the light at the end of the tunnel.–Emma Calliau

  • Allergy/Hives: Gary Hussey has a gentle, caring and professional manner. His subject knowledge is impressive and the subsequent treatment managed to reduce, then clear, all of my symptoms. Thanks Gary!–SS

  • Auto immune rheumatic reaction in joints: I called Gary on the Friday, by Sunday, as if by magic I had my hands back!!! I was elated as you can imagine. I was able to return normal life overnight, I am so happy.–Debby freestone

  • Frozen Shoulder: After three treatments I have normal movement in both shoulder joints.–Kirsten Christiensen

  • Hip Arthritis: Frankly I am amazed that at my age (85) he has cured my arthritic hip thereby averting a replacement operation. My current sense of well being is entirely due to him and I feel very lucky to have found him.–Hilda Margery Clarke

  • Insomnia: After a couple of treatments I was sleeping naturally. I was so grateful for this as it was really getting me down. –Margaret Oakley

  • Sciatic Pain: I can honestly say that I have felt considerable benefit and indeed have been able to resume my golf. I have found your practice most helpful and friendly and felt very much at ease there with the treatments. Thank you very much–C A Poulton

  • Back Pain: I can not thank you enough for your effortless skill and professionalism, my side had been hurting for months, like a knife in me every time I moved, and in just one session you fixed me, you are a star, thanx man, friend till the end.–Darren Oddy

  • Anxiety: I feel absolutely fine now, I haven’t had any anxiety or panic for quite some time, I feel as though I can get on with my life now instead of being afraid and having that constant feeling of fear ruling my life. Kind regards.Frances Journe

  • Vertigo: Gary got to the heart of what was causing my problems and after each visit I felt much better. I have now finished my treatment but will continue to visit to maintain my good health.–Alison Jones

  • IVF Acupuncture: I'm pretty sure you played a very big part in her being here, so I just wanted to say a big thank you!!–With lots of Love Becky Foulds

  •  Pneumonia and Frequent Colds: I hardly dare say it, but it is now 6 months since I have had an illness of any sort. I am extremely grateful to Gary and his skill as an acupuncturist for restoring me to health!–Christine Beasley

  • Gall Stones: I honestly could not see how Acupuncture could help but I am delighted to say it worked. No one was more surprised than me.– Valerie knowles

  •  High Blood Pressure: To my delight the Acupuncture brought it back to normal. I highly recommend treatment with Gary Hussey.–Mary Morrell

  • Eczema: I was amazed and relieved that my eczema cleared up after having Acupuncture. Furthermore it has never returned.Vivien Oram of poole

Acupuncture can treat a surprising range of conditions, for a list of conditions treated click the link below.

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Acu-silk can be used as an alternative to needles, this has revolutionised the way I treat children.

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I specialise in pulse diagnosis in my clinic, it is a wonderful diagnostic tool. A gift for us left by the ancients.

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Chinese medicine has an excellent system for strengthening the unborn child’s energy through the mother.
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