Acupuncture in Pregnancy

There is a technique I use to strengthen and tonify the Qi of the unborn child through the meridian system of the mother. it is part of the philosophy of Stems and Branches and is extremely old (at least two thousand years). This technique helps remove the possibility of deficiencies in the Qi of the mother being transferred to the foetus, Buddhist traditions might call this the karmic debt. It is not necessary to take a detailed case history from the mother about any past problems, the most important aspect of this technique is knowing which qi is developing at which time. An average pregnancy lasts approximately two hundred and eighty days days,  or ten periods of twenty eight days, these periods are connected to the cycles of the moon (as is menstruation), during each cycle of twenty eight days the qi of one internal organ develops, there are ten internal organs, thus ten periods of twenty eight  days. At the start of each period, the qi the mother (that is supplying the foetus) is strengthened with Acupuncture, in this way we are ensuring that the foetus is receiving all its requirements from the mother. Almost everybody has one organ system that is weaker than the rest, most commonly it is the Liver, but also the Kidneys, pancreas, lungs and sometimes even the heart Qi can be weaker, as well as the organs of digestion. As you have probably gathered this technique needs to be performed monthly. There are ten treatments in all. Although the first one is always missed as the pregnancy is still unconfirmed at that stage.

This is a wonderful way to give your child the perfect start to its life, I have performed Acupuncture in this way many times and have had the pleasure of seeing the birth of lots of healthy bouncing babies, not least my own three children. I heartily recommend it. If you require any more details about this please contact me.