Looking for an alternative to high blood pressure medication?

Most people are unaware of options for treating high blood pressure, choosing to go with the advise of their GP’s. Yet many GP’s expect sufferers to stay on meds for prolonged periods or sometimes permanently, offering very little life style advise or even dietary pointers. Did you know acupuncture can normalise blood pressure? If you have HBP but don’t like ...

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Guiding the vessel (a blog about the benefits of preventative acupuncture)

yacht-802319_1920In this blog post I attempt to use the analogy of sailing a boat to explain preventative acupuncture, the analogy is not always perfect, it fails to describe the richness and complexity of acupuncture philosophy, but I feel it does provide a great visual metaphor to illustrate the importance and the power of preventative acupuncture and why it is so beneficial.

Near my house is a major ...

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