We will keep your records safely
The practice complies with the Data Protection Act (1998) and General Data Protection
Regulation (GDPR) 2018. This means that we will ensure that your information is
processed fairly and lawfully.
We need to keep accurate personal data about patients in order to provide you with
safe and appropriate care. Personal data is defined very widely and is any data from
which an individual can be identified either from the information alone, or with other
information which is in (or likely to come into) the possession of the UK operating
company. Examples of personal data include names, addresses, job titles or opinions
which allow individuals to be identified.It also includes medical information, which is
relevant and necessary for your treatment. This information helps us do our job to the
best of our ability and without it providing a service will not be possible.
As part of our obligations as primary healthcare practitioners there may be
circumstances related to your treatment, on-going care or medical diagnosis that will
require the sharing of your medical records with other healthcare practitioners e.g GPs,
consultants, surgeons and/or medical insurance companies. Where this is required we
will always inform you first unless we are under a legal obligation to comply