Thidu mais page is discusses spinal disc bulge as opposed to spinal disc prolapse, true prolapses are rare in clinic, yet it is still possible to treat them.
First we need to look the disc itself from the perspective of Qi. The bones and other related tissue like disc tissue is maintained by the metal element, metal provides the hardness required, the kidney qi is the most important metal energy. The inner part of the disc (the nucleus), is actually quite soft especially in young people, this is maintained by spleen qi, the harder, outer part (annulus) is maintained by Kidney qi. If a disc has suffered degenerative changes and is bulging outwards, (compressing on the spinal cord) it means the tissue has become too soft (in western medicine they prefer the term dehydrated). Acupuncture is required to restore the hardness of metal back to the disc. This is done by feeding kidney Qi, as the Qi becomes more abundant the disc tissue starts to harden, its that simple.
Next we look at the meridian that is passing by, the picture on the left shows the du mai, or the governing vessel, travelling down the mid line of the spine, this vessel will be stagnated at the level of the disc bulge, both these problems will be available to diagnose on the pulse, so, in Chinese medicine a disc issue can be diagnosed and treated without the help of MRI scans,