Possibly the two most common questions I’m asked are ‘How many treatments will I need before I get some changes? and How many treatments will I need overall? These two questions will be addressed here.

All people are different, and will need differing amounts of treatment, this is based on various factors and we use them to predict the treatment time frames.

1) The seriousness of the diagnosis.
2) The length of time with the condition.
3) Age
4) General health

The seriousness of the condition is the most important. I see clients once a month (initially fortnightly). To give acupuncture a fair trial you need to give it four to six treatments before it is possible to make a balanced decision whether it is for you or not.

Disease is treated in reverse chronological order.
Many clients present with a list of symptoms and different diagnoses, the aim is to work through the list starting with the most recent. There is a sense of going back through time, removing layers and rebalancing the system until we reach the initial trigger of the health problems. Working in this way can take time, but it brings about permanent changes.

Why is treatment monthly?
One month is the time it takes the meridian system to fully respond. For example, there is an excess of synthetic oestrogen in the meridian of the liver which is removed using acupuncture, the Qi of the liver takes one cycle of the moon (twenty eight days) to return to normal, the body needs time to produce fresh Qi. A new diagnosis is then made, based on how the pulse feels, to decide the next thing that needs to be done.

What happens after?
When the symptoms have been resolved I recommend four sessions a year to work in a preventative way, these are wonderful for long term health and can stop problems developing in the first place.

It is important to understand treatment time frames, over the years I have had a number of patients who have stopped coming after one or two treatments because they have not understood this important point. I was left with the feeling that I could have helped them. Acupuncture is not a pill, which brings about immediate changes, but is only masking symptoms, it works at the level of the root cause of disease. So patience is sometimes needed at the beginning.