woman in forestAcupuncture was originally designed as a preventative medicine, as time went by it was increasingly used curatively. In the twenty first century it is wholly seen as a curative medicine. Yet Acupuncture is functioning at its strongest when used preventatively, it guides the physical body through time keeping it on the straight and narrow, rebalancing potential problems before they manifest physically. Those people who really understand the power of prevention can lead healthier lives. 

It seems obvious, yet it may surprise you to know that the human body changes through the seasons as the seasons change.  In summer, the pores open, the peripheral capillaries open and blood circulates more superficially, the body is naturally releasing heat. In winter however, the blood travels deeper in the body, pores close and the body is naturally conserving heat. Contemporary people are not connected to nature as the ancients were, through comforts such as central heating and air conditioning systems we have acquired a degree of control over our environment. This makes it more difficult for the body to synchronise itself with nature and increases the possibility of injury. For example the body may think its spring or autumn when in fact its summer, illness may develop because of the natural heat of summer. The reverse is also true, in winter the body may not be doing enough to protect itself from the cold. There is even a possibility of the body being two seasons out, this is potentially very damaging and illness may develop quickly. There is a specific rhythm in the body (and on earth) that is responsible for bringing about these cyclical changes and it is common for it to become imbalanced. If it becomes overactive the body may start to move ahead of the current season. If it is deficient the body maybe stuck in the previous season. This rhythm is restored with acupuncture.

Preventative treatment allows potential problems to be nipped in the bud. Small adjustments are made to the meridian system in order to maintain a harmonious balance of the organs and meridians, very few acupuncture points are needled each treatment, maybe two or three, and this only needs to be performed four times a year, this is usually enough to maintain balance and offsets the need for more intensive curative treatment later if left long enough. Treatment is individually tailored to the exact external and internal conditions at that moment to derive the maximum power from the acupuncture. A preventative state of mind can work wonders and even potentially extend life expectancy, Isn’t that common sense? It beats hands down seeking resolutions only when we are ill.