Acupuncture is perfectly safe for children. The treatment of children was made easier when I started to use Acu-silk, which works in a similar way to needles but has the advantage of being pain free. This is especially useful if the parents are nervous about their children having needles, as this usually means that the child picks up on the nervousness and is then nervous themselves. Acu-silk eliminates any nerves, and children enjoy coming for treatment to get their ‘magic’ silk.

The process is very quick and normally takes about 15 minutes. The diagnosis is made from the pulse. Then the silks are prepared and placed on the body with surgical tape and left there for about one day. It looks like a plaster. One or two silks are used per treatment. Silk is easy to use and receive, effective and gives excellent results comparable to that of needles, its easy for me to be be enthusiastic about it. It is lamentable that the use of something so beneficial is so rare, in fact most acupuncturists have not even heard of it, so I feel grateful to those who introduced this great resource to me. Children usually have treatment fortnightly or monthly (which is the same rate as adults), generally they react faster than adults. Children have a well developed sense of what is good for them and are receptive to the treatment process and respond wonderfully.