Stomach acheUterine fibroids are benign smooth muscle tumors of the uterus, they are usually symptomless but can cause painful periods, and if they get large enough can put pressure on nearby structures such as the bladder resulting in urgency and frequency. In classical Chinese medicine the entire system of connective tissue is maintained but the Qi of the spleen. The fibroid tissue itself is quite soft, and this softness can be felt in the pulse of the spleen, the expression is a build up of dampness, or sometimes its even called phlegm. Dampness occurs when there is a stagnation in the flow of Qi. Fibroids are oestrogen sensitive and higher oestrogen levels cause their formation. To solve them the Qi [of the spleen] has to be moved, this is done by increasing the flow, applying acupuncture to meridians preceding where it is blocked. Think of the fibroid as a dam in a river, and the acupuncture as able to increase the amount of water flowing down the river, the increased pressure will force the dam to break, understand this occurs purely on an energetic level, once the energy is less stagnated the body will reabsorb the excess fibroid tissue. Treating Fibroids is not a difficult thing to do with acupuncture, it normally takes in the region of 4 or 5 sessions. After the fibroid has shrank, it is prudent to do some work on the hormones to prevent it reoccurring.