The use of silk on acupuncture points is a fairly recent development, its use goes back approximately 40 years. A physiotherapist called Christel Heideman first used the silk, which was developed by the anthroposophical society.

Use of the silk was further refined by Peter Van Kervel. He used his knowledge of classical Chinese medicine to create the complete system we now know as acu-silk, which uses the meridians and points. It is Peter who I have to thank for teaching me how to use this wonderful silk.

Each organ system (or meridian), has a specific colour associated with it. A one centimetre square of silk  (of a specific colour) placed on an acupuncture point and secured with surgical tape, changes the flow of qi in that pathway, strengthening or retarding it, depending on what you wish to accomplish. The effect of silk is gentle. Whereas acupuncture takes twenty minutes, silk is left on the body for longer, usually days. An advantage of silk is in the treatment of children, many do not like needles. Consequently, they are happy to come for treatment, they like the ‘magic silk’. The use of silk to treat childhood conditions seems inconceivable at first and it has to be seen to be believed. Generally I use silk on children under the age of eight, most children over the age of eight are old enough to have acupuncture without any fuss, of course, there are exceptions.

Scar treatment and other skin blemishes
Silk is wonderful for treating scars. Especially the pain that scars can cause. The redness can be eliminated, and the visibility of the scar can be reduced. Moles can also be eliminated and even birth marks and so called strawberry birth marks can be treated.