I see Steve for sciatica from disc bulge. 2 sessions pain is 90% improved. It’s a fast result. One thing I would like to correct- I don’t make promises. We do some acupuncture and see what happens.











Great news for my new patient who had plantar faciitis (pain on the sole of the foot)…. No more! Richard had it for 2 years, solved in one session,awesome










03-09-18. acupuncture is benefiting this clients enlarged prostate issues










I met this person in March. She had recently got a job on a cruise ship but she suffered from sea sickness and asked if I could help. Thing was she was only in Bournemouth for 2 days so I only treated her once. 4 months later she sent me this txt message










As I find it difficult to ask for testimonials, nowadays I take them anywhere I can. This person had a nerve impingement from a disc bulge. Let’s see if I can solve this next issue….










another successful pregnancy (10-07-18)!










Alison first came to me in 2011 with marked vertigo that could even cause her to fall over, after only one session of acupuncture her symptoms practically disappeared, she then started to see me every three months for balancing and prevention. The vertigo made an appearance from time to time, approximately annually, one acupuncture session kicks it into touch. In 2013 she decided to have acupuncture for chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder which was actually diagnosed in 2012. Her o2 saturation test was reading 96% at this time. All though Alison still only came to see me every 3 months as was her desire. By October 2015 her o2 saturation was reading 99% (not 98% as she says in the video), as this point she was still having breathing problems walking up hill for example. By the beginning of 2017 the COPD was very inactive, not affecting her life much at all. To date her 3 monthly acupuncture sessions have held her o2 saturation at 99%. Another wonderful result.


Initially tried acupuncture with Gary for sinus problems when needing to fly. They were fixed after 2 sessions and no need for drugs! I aim to
continue with treatment as I have found it helped relieve pain from osteoarthritis. Gary explains things before starting work and provides a very relaxed consultation. I always leave feeling so much better than when I arrived. Highly recommend!

Fennella Flor


More good news today. Roger, my patient with autoimmune encephalitis, usually a symptomless yet life threatening condition, has been given the all clear for his antibody test and permanently signed off by his consultant, amazing news! His journey to solve it with acupuncture is a very interesting one:


Roger first came to me in 2014 with a condition called autoimmune voltage gated potassium channel limbic encephalitis, basically swelling on the brain, a very serious condition where the body creates antibodies that attack the brain. The multitude of medicines had failed to turn the disease off and despite the prolonged periods of high dosage steroids, doctors wanted him to go back on steroids and immunotherapy.  His antibody test results were 600. At this point he started looking for alternatives and found me.


After one acupuncture session Roger told his consultant that he would not be having anymore steroids or immunotherapy, his consultant flipped! He accused me of being a charlatan and offering false hope (something i never do). In order to prove acupuncture was bull shit he offered Roger another antibody test on the understanding the test results would be the same. Roger told me this and although I said ‘great’ inside, I thought ‘man, we’ve only had one session’. No pressure then!


This is when it got a bit strange, Roger could not get his results from the consultant, weeks passed still no results, despite phoning almost daily it took 3 months to get the results on a test that normally took 3 weeks, the longer this went on the more quietly confident I was that the test results were better. Sure enough they showed the Encephalitis antibody had decreased from 600 to 150, amazing change! I had directly sedated the production of the antibody using acupuncture, something you always try to do at the start with serious autoimmune disease.


We continued monthly acupuncture and by april 2015 his antibody count was 0, the big goose egg! Because of the severity of the disease Roger continued having 6 monthly and later annual antibody tests, he also had acupuncture every 3 months. After 3 years of 0 readings his consultant has finally signed him off. What a wonderful result.

I am dedicated to showing the public that acupuncture can be used on more serious conditions, roger is a wonderful example of that.

25th april 2018, lovely email this morning, another successful pregnancy……
Hi Gary,
Hope that you had a good weekend.
I just wanted to drop you a note that we’ve had a positive pregnancy test. We are going for a scan in a few weeks to check everything is ok and then i’ll be back in touch!
Thanks so much for your help so far,
13th April 2018, I liked a photo on Facebook the other day, I’d completely forgotten I had given Gayle acupuncture for infertility back in 1999.









Caroline came to see us with chronic hives, after an initial wrong turn, acupuncture was able to solve them.
Jennifer came to the clinic for treatment of a disc bulge and later to treat diverticulitis. Here she very kindly says a few words about her experience of Acupuncture.



Various issues

Gary is a brilliant Acupuncturist. I first went to see him for long-term acne, which cleared up completely after a couple of treatments. Since then he has helped to resolve my son’s long-term bladder issue and treated my daughter for migraine – she has not had any migraines since. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

Catherine low


Interstitial cystitis

The hospital said my condition could not be fixed but Gary proved them all wrong. The pain and symptoms that were so debilitating are no longer a problem. I am off the pain killers and drugs and very grateful to have this quality of life restored to me. Thank you Gary you are amazing.

Catherine Thomas


 On my first visit to Gary I was very apprehensive as I had never had acupuncture before. Gary immediately put me at ease, the diagnosis and treatment were painless. Gary explained that symptoms should improve within a few days. After only three days there was a noticeable improvement and further improvement within the week. After my second visit I am virtually pain free. Thank you Gary.

A Pollard


Various auto immune diagnosis

I’ve had 4 sessions so far, treating my various Chronic Illnesses. I have seen such a massive improvement in my general well-being already. Gary is a very affable man who makes you feel at ease and explains what he is doing. Highly recommend.




I went to see Gary with my 18 months old son. He was wheezing for the last 6 months and the DRs prescribed a blue and brown inhaler for him. I refused giving him an inhaler at such a young age. My friend recommended Gary and I can’t thank him enough. With only 3 treatments Gary helped my little boy and he isn’t wheezing anymore! It was difficult to keep my son still but Gary was amazing with him. Brilliant therapist!

Kristina Adams



Gary is amazing 😃😃😃 I have been 6 times for accupunture with only one needle which doesn’t hurt. My excema has basically gone. I had pretty bad excema and itched loads of time and now I don’t!! So go there now! 😀😃😄😁😆😊😌😉🙃🙂👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼 From Ryan age 9!


Menopause symptoms

Amazing ! Thank you Gary , who knew that the power of acupuncture could stop menopausal symptoms in their track.

Ali Smith


arthritis, cellulitis, chronic blood clots, and other things

The person who introduced me to Gary was a good example as she had a kidney disease too advanced to cure but he prevented her from being on dialysis for a very long time until the side effects of newly prescribed tablets proved lethal. 
He has been treating me for several years as I had so many things needing attention.  How he managed to deal with this is extraordinary as there seemed to be some new ailment each time I went, making sustained treatment difficult.  The essential thing about acupuncture is that it is holistic so it will be the first time he has heard that a chronic stiffness in my neck prevented me turning my head to one side and interfered with my sleep unless I strategically placed pillows.  That is now a thing of the past.  Eczema, which was the first thing I intended to have dealt with but somehow forgot to mention, has virtually disappeared. 
One thing which even the NHS confirms is the success in treating pain, usually immediate,
Sometimes we expect too much from acupuncture, especially speed.  Traditional medicine uses pills which often have immediate results whereas acupuncture can take its time to fix things especially those which have taken ages to develop.   .
 However, one has to be careful.  Previously I have had two unsatisfactory and expensive encounters with persons claiming to be practitioners: one, who was indeed Chinese,  trying to sell me quantities of  pricey pills and the other actually leaving a needle in.
 So, from my experience, I would recommend Gary in case of need.  As an extra, although professional, the  delightful atmosphere is of a family home, where small children and sometimes a friendly golden retriever, getting a bit stiff in the limbs, will pass through, .   It has all made a lot of difference to my life.  
Hilda Margery Clarke

Vertigo following concussion

After suffering with severe dizziness for 6 weeks which was like vertigo, and not being able to read or drive or general activities I was starting to feel like this would never end. After having a little acupuncture in the past I decided I would see if this would help in any way. I went to Gary at the Wimborne clinic and couldn’t believe it, that after 3 days the world had stopped spinning after 1 session of acupuncture. Thanks to Gary’s help  I was able to return to work the following week and carried on with acupuncture for general health. I would highly recommend this type of treatment to anyone.

Laura Duffett


 Voltage-Gated Potassium Channel-Complex Antibody-Associated Limbic Encephalitis

I am so glad to have learned about Acupuncture from Gary Hussey in Bournemouth. After becoming very ill suddenly in 2012 with an autoimmune encephalitis I was given a cocktail of several medications including intravenous steroids. Almost 2 years on and having been weaned off them gradually, the auto-antibody blood test I have every 6 months started rising and as I could possibly be heading for a similar event my neurologist wanted to start me on another course of high dosage steroids again. I had two treatments from Gary Hussey which made me realise there was a far more natural treatment and refused further steroids much to the surprise of my neurologist who held out little hope of the treatment working! After just less than a year and monthly acupuncture sessions and three blood tests along the way, the vital figure has reduced from almost 600, dramatically and quickly falling to under 200 (after one session!), then to 130, then being given the most recent one this week which is exactly what I needed to hear – NEGATIVE! The actual blood test in question is VGKC antibodies and when I was first ill it was in the thousands. Yes it did come down and eventually become negative with more that a year of steroids but they totally changed my health and weight and I didn’t want that experience again. Hence the reason I was so glad to have found Gary Hussey and his type of treatment. I will of course be keeping up a “maintenance” level of treatment to keep me with a negative blood result. I cannot praise his knowledge and the treatment I have received highly enough. He has an amazing alternative treatment to offer as I have proved. I will still be monitored 6 monthly by my neurologist for another couple of years.

Roger Knox


Plantar fasciitis:

After 4 months of continual pain in my heel, suffering from Plantar Fasciitis, I had treatment from Gary, expecting to feel only a slight improvement. The day after, the condition had dramatically improved 90% and a week later, is barely noticeable. I can now walk without hobbling, & feel hardly any discomfort at all. I am totally re-energised.

Thank you Gary

Sally Wellman


Unusual pain around hips and upper thighs

I was lucky enough to be the recipient of one of Gary’s miracles. For 9 months I couldn’t stand for more than a couple of minutes without severe pain all around my body from my waist to below my hips. I was always dreading going anywhere or doing anything for the pain I knew was coming. Then I had one session with Gary, 2 needles and 20 minutes later and the pain is gone and hasn’t come back. And I have tested it! I’ve been going places and standing more than I thought I would ever be able to and the pain is still gone. A huge relief! Now I can’t wait to see what other miracles he will do on my future visits!




Having gone through nearly three years of menopausal symptoms I decided to try acupuncture to see if I could obtain any relief from the night sweats and hot flushes.
I have had acupuncture before for muscular symptoms and found it beneficial.

My first appointment with Gary was carried out in a friendly relaxed manner with plenty of information and answers to my questions.
After my first appointment I was amazed at the improvement to my symptoms.
Each appointment with Gary was always carried out in a highly professional manner.

After only three sessions I feel “normal” again and am delighted with the positive results.

I would not hesitate to recommend Gary to friends and family.

Carol Wiltshire


Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE), and Tremor

After treatment with Gary, my life has changed for the better.

Sounds like a dramatic statement, but for me, its true.

I have some form of systemic inflammatory condition.
At times, living with this and knowing that the doctors couldn’t really explain what was happening, or why, or tell me exactly what was wrong was really very stressful and scary.

After months of blood tests, the my GP referred me to a specialist.
At that time, I didn’t sleep, all major joints were swollen (bilateral) and most days, I could barley walk down stairs without holding on to the banisters and taking it really slowly.
I felt like I had a fever constantly and every day was a battle. When my day would finally end, I’d get into bed and my joints would feel like they were “buzzing” and radiating heat.
If I did fall asleep, I’d soon wake up with pain in whichever joint had decided to “stick”.

I was diagnosed with Non Serological Inflammatory Arthritis 3 years ago and in that time, I had steroid shots (they even injected me with the wrong drug once), I was on Methotrexate, (which may have given me renal cholic), and I was on a daily cocktail of painkillers and anti inflammatory drugs. – I felt like a zombie with acid indigestion every day and the mobility was actually not 100%. I was still having flare ups and had zero control of what was happening. At that time, when the drugs hadn’t proved to be a magic bullet, they even diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia and tried to introduce new drugs into my treatment plan.

Eventually, when I thought I had nothing to lose, I put my scientist brain (yep, I went against everything I learned at Uni and apply to my job every day) to one side, and I looked into “alternative therapies”) and I found and contacted Gary.

Treatment was initiated almost immediately and now, nearly after one year of monthly treatments, I sleep, and perhaps more importantly, i have no joint pain. I don’t take any medication and much to the dismay of the doctors and to my delight, we are discussing my being discharged from the care of the medical consultant and his team. – The doctors can’t explain the changes in my blood work either.

I used to worry about my condition, and my life was really limited. After  under a year, I finally have back an active life that every 30 something should have.

I cannot Thank Gary enough for the change this treatment has made to me.

Ranjit Sidu


Neck Pain.

After 3 years of suffering severe neck pain my GP advised me to change my job as he believed that my pain was being caused by the vast amount of travelling in the car that I was undertaking and being hunched over a laptop computer for long periods of time. I had already tried chiropractic treatment and regular postural exercises, which hadn’t made any difference. As I didn’t want to move jobs I decided on my friend’s advice to try Acupuncture despite being convinced that it wouldn’t make any difference. How wrong I was. From the very 1st treatment that I had with Gary there was a noticeable improvement and my neck then continued to get better and better each time I went back. After 6 treatments my neck pain has now completely gone and I never had to change job at all. AMAZING! Thank you so much.



Frozen Shoulder or adhesive capsulitis.

I had chronic pain and no movement in my shoulder. I was told by my doctor that, due to its severity, it was going to be months, if not years before it would get better. After only two sessions with Gary the pain had almost gone and majority of the movement had returned. By the time I had the third session, only 4 weeks after it starting I was back to business as usual, amazing!’

Thanks a lot



Infertility (and needle phobia)

I wanted to take this opportunity to write and thank you for the support, kindness and exceptional care you have given me over the last year. I have finally received the wonderful ‘positive result’ that my husband and I have been dreaming of for the last six years and I am certain that the acupuncture with which you have been treating me has been instrumental in making it happen.

I first came to your clinic a year ago with a sceptical attitude towards acupuncture and a terror of needles. Despite the screeching during my first visit and the horror (for both of us) when I nearly kicked you in the face for trying to insert a needle, you have remained positive about the chances of success and helped allay my fears and disappointment when each month I returned with a negative result.

Your sessions have been professional and supportive and through them I have learnt to overcome (well nearly) my terror of needles, regularly having blood tests at the hospital with a minimum of fuss now. This alone is a huge achievement since my phobia has been intense for the last thirty years of my life.

My tests results for ovulation have stabilized and I have regained a regular and pain free menstrual cycle for the first time in a decade. This in turn has meant that we were able to concieve with drug free IUI instead of the painful and invasive treatment of IVF. We have ‘beaten the odds’ successfully conceiving a baby with this procedure when we were repeatedly warned by doctors that it only had a 12% chance of success nationally. I am certain that this is due to the strong systems that gary was developed in my body through our monthly acupuncture sessions.

I hope that you can use this letter to show people in similar positions that acupuncture can work. I will be unreservedly recommending Gary to all my friends and family.

Thank you once again.

Verity Marlow


Costro condritis.

I consulted Gary on the suggestion of a friend after a cracked vertebra in the spine was giving me pain and general discomfort. I must say that I was 100 percent sceptical that the acupuncture treatment would help in any way, but much to my surprise the pain relief started a few hours after the treatment and has continued. I was soon able to dispense with the pain killers which I had been taking.
I would certainly recommend anyone with similar problems to consult Gary and at least give it a try.
John Purchase



I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 6 years ago. I was in a lot of pain. I am now pain free and feeling much better as a result of Gary’s treatment.

Pat Wells


Back pain, Vertigo and Arthritis

I refer to Gary as my “magician” – he successfully treated me for back pain, followed by treatment for vertigo. But, best of all, he has eliminated the pain associated with ARTHRITIS at the base of my thumb. I was beginning to envisage a future taking pain killers and wrist support, and a few months down the line after treatment, I have forgotten how painful it all was – and can draw and engrave with comfort. The next step is a seasonal treatment to keep me balanced (correct??? Gary???) Sounds great – feeling great. All thanks to the professional and accomplished Gary.

Judy Warbey


Chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder

For many weeks I had been plagued with a niggling cough and congestion of my chest. I repeatedly coughed up mucus and started to worry that I might be asthmatic. So felt a visit to my GP was required. The doctor diagnosed a virus, but would not recommend an anti-biotic. The coughing continued for several weeks but showed no sign of improving. My daughter persuaded me to try acupuncture. A week after my first treatment, I noticed a remarkable improvement. I had 3 treatments at monthly intervals. I was cured. Thank you Gary Hussey, your a genius.

Andrew Perks



I was diagnosed with Fybromyalgia 2.5 years ago which is a debilitating muscle condition. At its worst you are unable to do anything even small chores such as picking up a hoover or changing the bed sheet can take hours due to the pain and discomfort you are in. I was absent from work for 7 months but since seeing Gary I have been able return to work full time, sometimes even working overtime! I am back to being my normal bubbly self again with the help of Gary’s treatments. Whilst I am not fully recovered, I am certainly able to now lead a pretty normal life that I once took for granted. I recommend acupuncture to anyone is in pain or suffering as I strongly believe that had it not been for my acupuncture sessions I would be that depressed, individual that I was who could see no light at the end of the tunnel.

Thank you Gary!

Emma Calliau


Lower back pain

Sceptical!!! Tried Chiropractor and Physio for my back for several years to no avail. But kept an open mind with Acupuncture, visited The Bournemouth Clinic met Gary and to my quiet astonishment sensed an improvement from my first session.
Acupuncture has definitely given me a new bounce.

Sam Dasset



I have never been a very good sleeper, so I came along to see Gary and now I no longer worry about going to bed thinking that I will not sleep.  My sleeping has improved and as a result I feel much better in myself generally.  I would certainly recommend acupuncture as a relaxing way to improving your health.

Claire Wylie


Shoulder pain

I have known Gary for about 4 months.  I have had a problem with my right shoulder for a long time, often in great pain with limited movement, which in turn effect’s my sleep. I have had a lot of different types of treatment, including physiotherapy and chiropractor, which has not really helped. A colleague asked me if I have tried acupuncture yet? I found the Bournemouth Clinic through searching online, and read the testimonials for Gary, which convinced me to make an appointment.  After the first session there was a remarkable difference in movement, and also helped me to sleep.  I’ve been back for further sessions and each time my shoulder problem is improving. I am very grateful for Gary’s help and treatment; it’s been well worth it. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Acupuncture with Gary at the Bournemouth Clinic.

Nick Allin.


Vertigo/Menieres disease/Labrithitis

After suffering with debilitating attacks of menieres disease for 10 years, I decided to try acupuncture. I’m pleased to say that since starting treatment with Gary I have not had any serious attacks. I continue to have Acupuncture 4 times a year as a preventative for the menieres disease and it has been dorment for about 3 years now (it took about 1 year of monthly treatments to re balance). I would recommend acupuncture as an alternative treatment.

Jill Robins



 When my GP offered me steroids to control a serious allergic reaction I knew it was time to explore alternative treatments. Gary Hussey has a gentle, caring and professional manner. His subject knowledge is impressive and his treatment reassuringly efficient. His diagnosis was rapid and accurate, and the subsequent treatment managed to reduce, then clear, all of my symptoms. Thanks Gary!



Osteo arthritis.

I was being treated by Gary for an auto immune disease called Lupus. The drug options are and can be severe. Because of the nature of Lupus and past drugs I started to develop extremely painful arthritis in both hands. Conventional medicine could only prescribe anti inflammatories which did have some affect for the high levels of pain. However ‘they’ in high doses caused severe problems to my stomach and I was forced to stop them. In the end the only choice appeared to be complex operations on both hands. This was not a comfortable dilemma! I presented this latest concern to Gary with almost desperate hope in a vain attempt to avoid these operations. Well what happened was nothing short of the proverbial miracle. Within two months the pain had so disappeared that I no longer needed any surgery. My Doctors were nonplussed but delighted. I owe so much to Gary. I continue to be treated by him. I remain totally (excuse the pun) in his hands. I have faith in him, always.

Rob whittingham


Headaches and Insomnia.

I met Gary 6 months ago. I was lucky to find this clinic as I was new in the country and was using a simple Google search so I could have easily missed it. I was looking for help as I was suffering from severe insomnia. I was sick of using medication and was looking for different methods of treatment. I also was suffering with really bad migraines but had no hope of getting rid of them, as I was assured by my doctors that there is no cure and I have just to learn how to live with it.
I was very surprised, when after several meetings with Gary, I just felt that I wanted to sleep and I did not need my medication; and that’s not all. My headaches became easier and then disappeared all together.This seems unbelievable to me as I have been trying to find help for so many years without any results. Since meeting Gary the quality of my life has changed completely for the better and this is not the end of the story.
Since my early years I have a skin condition called Vitiligo. This is a condition that causes depigmentation of sections of skin. I was lucky as Grry has a special interest in this condition, so we both are looking forward to the treatment and hoping for a successful outcome. I am delighted to have met Gary and have no hesitation in recommending his services.

Inga Skiotiene


IVF Protocol

I started seeing Gary after 2 miscarriages followed by fertility problems.  I am now pregnant following one IVF attempt.  I am sure that seeing Gary, before and during the IVF was a key factor in the treatment being successful first time and I will continue to see Gary during my pregnancy. Gary has always been patient, supportive, knowledgeable and clear during each session and has helped to address anxiety and stress symptoms which I have experienced during the early stages of my pregnancy.

G Tanner, Southbourne



I would heartily recommend Gary as an acupuncturist who can help to restore one’s well-being. Over the course of several months Gary addressed a variety of health issues I was facing, and his skill diagnosing and treating my concerns helped restore my balance and increase my vitality. There were a couple of sessions in which I was rather astonished at how much better I felt almost immediately. Additionally, Gary is a very affable and enthusiastic practitioner, so it was always a comfortable, friendly and informative experience.

Larry Navon


Menopause, headaches and anxiety

I first came to see Gary about 3 years ago. I was going through the menopause, suffering with headaches, anxiety, hot flushes and was feeling emotionally and physically drained. Knowing very little about acupuncture i decided to give it a go. After only a couple of treatments my headaches disappeared, I  began to feel  much calmer, my energy returned and within weeks I felt like my old self again.
Recently, because of family worries, I began to suffer once again from anxiety. I also had a few panic attacks, headaches and just felt exhausted. Once again after just a couple of treatments I was feeling well again.  Gary carries out the treatments in a relaxed but professional manor and always explains to me what he is doing and how I am responding to treatment. I have already recommended several friends, whom Gary has successfully treated and I really cant speak highly enough of Bournemouth Clinic for Osteopathy and Acupuncture.
Julie Forsyth


Headaches and rheumatoid arthritis

I have known Gary for about 9 months and can honestly say that he has changed my life. My headaches had progressively got worse and were ruining my life, private treatment and the nhs had failed to help over a period of 10 years. Within two weeks of seeing Gary my headaches had gone. My life has changed so much for the better. My wife also had very bad arthritis in her knees, elbows and wrists which Gary has reduced to merely an occasional ache making her quality of life massively improved. We can say that our lives are immeasurably better for having met Gary and his brother and we are eternally grateful.

John Horton


Menopause/Stopping periods

Let me say right at the start I was a total sceptic  My good friend recommended Gary as I was feeling low after pneumonia and on top of that I was really struggling every month with painful periods. Gary set to work on getting the antibiotics out of my system, which had a positive impact on my energy levels. He then worked on stopping my periods, to start with making them far less painful. Perhaps I’ll mention I’m of an age where stopping is great news! The very first month hardly any pain, and after that and over time less and less and now none at all.. Amazing. My doctor’s solution a year a ago ‘oh have a hysterectomy’ … No thanks.

I still have no idea how it works, but it does. I would recommend a visit to Gary, he really has improved the quality of my life…what more can I say.
Karen from Poole


Auto immune rheumatic reaction in joints

My name is Debby Freestone, a healthy sporty woman of fifty two. In February this year I caught a cold, the virus caused a full blown auto immune rheumatic reaction similar to rheumatoid arthritis, over night I was bed ridden, I was in agony and I was not even able to walk. I sought professional, advise and I was put on a cocktail of pills and informed that the virus would pass. Four months passed, blood tests were all clear and yet I could hardly use my hands, my son had to run the home. I was very low, very desperate, and felt helpless. I called Gary Hussey and had acupuncture on the Friday, by Sunday, as if by magic I had my hands back!!! I was elated as you can imagine. I was able to return normal life overnight, back to cycling daily, going to the gym. I am so happy.

Debra Freestone


Frozen Shoulder

 When you are fit and healthy you do not think how disabled you are when the power and movement of our arms are reduced to a fraction of what it used to be.
I had suffered with two frozen shoulders for eight months. They appeared without warning or course.
To get better I have tried Chiropractic treatment for several months, which only made matters worse,

 osteopathy, which made no difference and also sitting still with plenty of rest, again this had no effect.
I was advised by a friend to see Gary Hussey for Acupuncture treatment and after the first session most of the pain disappeared.
Now after three treatments I have normal movement in both shoulder joints, can do my knitting and dress myself without help and pain. I had lost hope that anyone could help me after such a long time and had resigned myself to a future of pain and restricted movement.
It is a great relief to be able to do my work in the office, perform house hold chores, carry my shopping and drive the car again.
Kirsten Christensen



Some months ago following the death of a close friend I developed a complee inability to sleep. This went on for months despite having hypnotism, spiritual healing to no avail. I landed up on tranquillisers and sleeping pills which were very unpleasent, they knocked me out but was not a long term solution. A friend recommended Acupuncture which I tried and after a couple of treatments I was sleeping naturally. I was so grateful for this as it was really getting me down.

If you have any problems which you think are untreatable I would recommend you give it a try . Acupuncture seems to cover an enormous range of problems, and it has been around thousands of years, so there must be plenty of success stories.
Margaret Oakley


Sciatic Pain

Having suffered for some time with bouts of sciatica, I was recommended to your practice by a friend, and following relatively few treatments by yourself I can honestly say that I have felt considerable benefit and indeed have been able to resume my golf, which for a good while had been impossible

I have found your practice most helpful and friendly and felt very much at ease there with the treatments

Thank you very much

C A Poulton


Back Pain

Dear Gary,
I can not thank you enough for your effortless skill and professionalism, my side had been hurting for months, like a knife in me every time I moved, and in just one session you fixed me, your are a star, thanx man, friend till the end.

Darren Oddy



Thank you very much for my treatment, I feel absolutely fine now, I haven’t had any anxiety or panic for quite some time, I feel as though I can get on with my life now instead of being afraid and having that constant feeling of fear ruling my life.

Kind regards,

Frances Journe



I would like to recommend the Bournemouth Clinic, I have been receiving acupuncture treatment from Gary for the last three months for extreme dizziness and I now feel so much better than I did. My symptoms were quite unusual but Gary got to the heart of what was causing my problems and after each visit I felt much better. I have now finished my treatment but will continue to visit to maintain my good health.

Alison jones


IVF Acupuncture

Hi Gary, hope you are well?! I just wanted to drop you a line, to let you know that baby Isabella arrived on Saturday 🙂 She is lovely and we are both very smitten with her. I’m pretty sure you played a very big part in her being here, so I just wanted to say a big thank you!! Once things have settled down I would be keen to keep up with the acupuncture, so will certainly be in touch soon.

Lots of love becky x


 Pneumonia and Frequent Colds

After pneumonia and countless bouts of cold, coughs and infections last year I decided to turn to acupuncture – not really knowing what to expect, but hoping that somehow a magic wand could be waved and I’d begin to recover. This decision led to a search on the internet and thence to the Bournemouth Clinic and Gary.
Ever the sceptic I was not totally convinced that acupuncture would help but was desperate to escape that cycle of being ill, recovering for about 2 weeks and then going down again with something.
I started monthly treatments with Gary about 9 months ago and over the following 3 months the intervals between coughs and colds gradually lengthened. I hardly dare say it, but it is now 6 months since I have had an illness of any sort. As a result the treatments are less frequent now.
Gary has a very nice manner – he’s friendly and easy-going but professional and I have always felt relaxed as a patient. Anyone worried about the needles, shouldn’t be. I was a bit concerned before my 1st treatment, but Gary has the gentle touch and it has never been an issue. I am extremely grateful to him and his skill as an acupuncturist for restoring me to health!

Christine Beasley


Rheumatoid inflammation of knee joint

I turned to Gary for help with an acute knee problem in June 11. I found Gary, to be a calming, proactive and supportive acupuncturist, working in a clean and professional environment. I am very pleased to say my health complaint has improved under Gary’s care and I will certainly continue to use him in future”

John H


Collapse/ fainting episodes.
I have recently completed a course of Acupuncture with Gary, aimed at draining the residue of steroids remaining in my system as a result of being prescibed the drug to combat a previous problem. I obtained considerable relief as a result the treatment.

Pat Tuck



I sailed through my menstruating years without ever really experiencing period pains and mood swings. I even found pregnancy and child birth relatively easy – enjoyable even! Therefore, I was not prepared for that other female phenomenon the ‘Menopause’. Just into my early 50’s periods started to wane – no big deal, no mood swings either – lucky. But it was when I began getting hot flushes day and night that I realised up until now; I had been one very lucky lady.

Being made of sturdy stuff, I delayed going to my GP as I thought the flushes would soon come to an end. But as I approached 52, the flushes were getting more frequent and increasingly embarrassing. Night sweats were becoming unbearable. I realised there were only so many times I could put my head in the freezer, so I set about finding remedies. Over the counter herbal remedies didn’t work for me and eventually a visit to the GP advised that HRT was an option but would only delay the symptoms. I resolved to let my body regulate itself.

It was during a conversation with Gary that he noticed I had gone very hot and red and saving me from my embarrassment, suggested that acupuncture could help. He identified my problem as FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) of which I had an over-production. I felt very comfortable talking to Gary about my symptoms as he is a very down to earth person and easy to talk to. His knowledge of the body, how acupuncture works, was very informative and his explanation, simplistic. I now understand that the flow of ‘Qi’ had been interrupted. Gary identified this by taking the pulse in my wrist. He placed only one needle in a point under my chin. The needle was painless and I found relaxing on the couch for half an hour was a treat!

The effect was apparent immediately and a huge relief! Gary suggested that I might need no further help or a top-up. As I continued to have a few night sweats I decided to have further sessions and now, thanks to Gary, no more flushes – I have my life back!

Acupuncture was the best advice I could have received and based on my own experience I have recommended Gary to my friends for more than just female issues.

Patti Davis


Gall Stones

I suffered for two years with gastric problems. After trying different remedies to no avail Gary was recommended to me. I honestly could not see how Acupuncture could help but I am delighted to say it worked. No one was more surprised than me. What’s more it has never returned.

Valerie Knowles of Poole


High Blood Pressure

when I became pregnant, my blood pressure rose to dangerously high levels, To my delight the Acupunture brought it back to normal. I highly recommend treatment with Gary Hussey.

Mary Morrell.



Having had Eczema since childhood, and trying many traditional treatments without success I was amazed and relieved that my eczema cleared up after having Acupuncture. Furthermore it has never returned.

Vivien Oram of poole